We print with a conscience

We print with a conscience

Every aspect of what we do as a business we do with the environment in mind and reducing our impact on it. We only work with reputable paper suppliers offering paper from sustainable sources.

Our energy converter reduces High Power to lower levels ensuring our overall output is reduced. We were one of the first printers in the UK to use processless plates.

There is no alcohol used in our processes at all and we use as many non-volatile compounds as possible too. We use a Washcloth System on our 10 colour Press which reduces chemical usage by up to 90%. All our inks are vegetable based and sourced from the UK and Europe.


More than 90% of our waste is recycled and the recent installation of a paper extractor automatically takes our paper waste directly into the compactor alongside our factory.

We are FSC® certified. This guarantees trees that are harvested are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally and that parts of forests are preserved entirely in order to protect rare animals and plants. 

FSC® is the only wood certification scheme endorsed by major environmental charities including WWF, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and the Woodland Trust.


Our Environmental Policy is available on request.
We are happy to share our all our policies with our customers!


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