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Orchard Rainbow – New & Exclusive

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Orchard Rainbow – New & Exclusive

Orchard Rainbow gives your printed design the very best chance of maximum impact.

Even in this digital age a brochure, book or letter can still be more a powerful, persuasive and life-changing way to communicate than a cluster of pixels.

But technology is also print’s friend.

It’s enabled us to produce very high-quality print for customers, efficiently and economically. But now we’ve gone one step further, and are offering Orchard Rainbow – the very latest in colour technology – exclusively from Orchard in the UK. Orchard Rainbow enhances images by using 7 colours including the 4 colour process.

It has to be seen to be believed.

Vibrant, high impact and generated using our standard –  images literally spring off the page and look more like RGBs, creating a printed page and visual impact that no-one can ignore.

Create Something That Can’t Be Ignored

We understand the importance of communicating brands through print, and the high production values that are expected.

Accurate colour reproduction is essential and we have invested in the best print technologies -both hardware and software- to achieve this.

We manage our process through Inpress Control which scans a whole sheet and monitors the information throughout the print run. This data is recorded so should you require your job reprinted it will be an exact colour match.

We print via Hybrid Screening at high resolution as standard on coated stocks.

This is where our quality management surpasses all others as it means you get photographic reproduction of images, and smoother blends and tints which gives much sharper, clearer results.

In addition, our new Orchard Rainbow takes colour and impact to a whole new level.

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The computer screen could never do it justice.

So call us on 01684 850960 to see it for yourself in our new Orchard Rainbow Prospectus.


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