The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is a popular one when it comes to comparing quality.
In most cases, better quality usually means more money,
but it also means you get better results, the first time.

Printing for business isn’t something to be taken lightly.
Your marketing materials should help sell your brand. Good quality printing gives good first impressions.
For example, if your printing materials are of a professional quality, and show attention to detail, you are more likely to earn customer appreciation.
First impressions are incredibly important when it comes to building a target audience,
as these impressions could potentially increase your brand’s exposure – resulting in profitability.

Cheaper, lower quality printing could potentially be harmful to your business for a number of reasons.
A cheaper, low-quality printing job could give customers a bad impression of your business.
For example, low-quality printing may not present your brand in the way you anticipated.
You may be portrayed as unprofessional or careless, affecting your reputation and resulting in a loss of time and money from inferior results.

Orchard Press believe in delivering the best quality available but remain competitively priced – ensuring your business receives the best branding materials without breaking the bank.

Many printing companies advertise low prices but hidden services and charges are often added throughout, resulting in a much greater final cost.
Here at Orchard Press, we believe in transparency and don’t add any extra fees or hidden costs.
We believe these ‘add-ons’ should be standard, providing you with incredible colour quality and readability for a reasonable price, without paying any hidden fees.
We work closely alongside the client to ensure that each printing job meets their needs and print budget.

All products that we print on coated stock is printed at 250 lpi, whereas most printers only print at 175 lpi, the difference being we don’t charge our customers for this higher quality service.
We also offer our Orchard Rainbow services, which allow for beautiful, realistic looking colour.
Using seven colours instead of four, we are able to produce exceptional colour and supreme stand out quality with a visible difference.

Printing can be a slightly daunting experience,
which is why our team of designers, experienced print specialists and dedicated account managers are on hand
to assist our customers from the very start of a project through to delivery.
This high level of 1:1 customer service is included in our prices, meaning there are no unexpected costs and we continue to see customers return to us for their printing needs.

To find out more about our printing services, please get in touch by calling us on 01684 850960.

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