Did you know that 52% of people say they buy more than originally intended when they shopped using a printed catalogue? Whether you want to nurture customers, find new ones or simply increase sales, catalogues connect people with your business and keep your brand top of mind.

At a Glance

People value catalogues, refer back to them and like to share with others too. In fact 86% said they keep catalogues for a period of time in the home

They’re an easy, effective way for customers to get to know your products – 71% of people say catalogues let them know what a brand can offer

Catalogues connect you with your customers – 75% of people say catalogues give then ideas of what to do or buy


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“Browsing a catalogue is still easier than browsing a website…people love it. They look at the catalogue and order from the website. It’s a very important sales tool.”
Johnny Boden, Retail Week




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