In the age of smartphones and the internet you might think the days of a paper calendar are over.  

Not so. 

Statistics and reports suggest they are still very much alive.  A classic example of a form and function that is not easy replicated online – even with shared calendars. 

Our calendars sit on desks for convenience and our wall planner on office walls.

Annual sales are still around 4 million each year. 78% of people still use a printed calendar at home or work. 50% of people have never used the calendar function on their smartphone. 

Of course many Pop-up shops appear before Xmas featuring glossy calendars of favourite dogs, cats, soap, sports and pop stars, but for the office, a desk or wall calendar provides a quick and easy reference for dates. Some help when planning a timeline, and lets individuals personalise the often bland desk or cubicle area they work in! 

As a business a calendar is a great tool to keep your brand, product or service in front of people all year.  

You can make your calendar attractive or themed and it enhances desk appeal considerably. 

But why are they still so appealing?


1.    You don’t have to log in to update them – they are quick and easy to use

2.    No passwords downloads or updates needed!

3.    They don’t crash or ‘go slow’ when you are arranging a meeting or setting a deadline with someone on the phone

4.    You can scan your day/week/month at a glance rather than scrolling through pages online

5.    They are simply more visually appealing – featuring photographs, design or illustration. They add colour and decoration.


We have produced a range of calendars each year for many businesses as well as our own . This year we are showcasing our Orchard Rainbow technology to customers with a special desk calendar? 

So, what are you doing to put your name in front of your customers every day for the next 12 months?

A calendar or diary could be the most effective advertising you’ve ever done.


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