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With the London Book Fair running from 12th – 14th March 2019 at Olympia, London, now is the time to celebrate print and how it is thriving in this modern digital world. Many of our publishing customers are showcasing their striking catalogues at this huge event and we have been busy making deliveries for this event right up until the day before!

With a significant rise in digital advertising and the use of social media, many businesses may not have given traditional marketing tools such as brochures and catalogues a second thought. In such a technology-driven world many people seem to think printed material is ‘outdated’ or not as effective as riding the digital bandwagon.

At Orchard Press, we know that printed brochures and catalogues can be just as, if not more effective as digital advertising. If you are looking for marketing materials that stand out, you may be interested in the following benefits that come with using quality catalogues and brochures within your marketing strategy.

What are the benefits of adding catalogues to my marketing mix?

You may be wondering why many businesses are still producing catalogues when so many people have access to digital advertising platforms. For many years catalogues have been used as a useful tool to generate sales, target potential customers, and increase customer trust. These are some of the many reasons why catalogues continue to remain a popular marketing strategy for many businesses.

Catalogues are a powerful marketing technique that plays a vital role in generating new leads and establishing your credibility whilst being cost-effective, easy to distribute and readily accessible. Catalogues that are used to showcase products and services are often referred back to at a later date – increasing your chances of gaining new and repeat customers.

What are the benefits of using brochures as a marketing tool?

Whether you are attending a large event or a small network gathering, brochures can be easily distributed or strategically placed in a variety of accessible locations, increasing your chances of gaining potential customers, targeting specific audiences and reaching valuable clients. Distributing brochures at a networking event is not only a cost-effective way to advertise your business or services, but it also offers a more personal way of engaging with prospective clients rather than sending a generic email or website URL. Personally handing somebody a brochure is a great opportunity to introduce yourself, and your business, whilst effectively building customer relationships and trust.

A business that uses high-quality printed material is more likely to be perceived as established and professional. Investing in your business through printed marketing materials suggests you are committed and confident in the services that your business offers. In comparison to other marketing options, brochures also are relatively low cost and can become even more cost-effective when purchased in large quantities. Brochures also have the tendency to stick around longer than emails or social media campaigns; meaning you are investing in something more permanent that your customers will refer back to, or pass from person to person.

If you are looking at adding brochures and catalogues to your marketing campaign, you may be interested in how Orchard Press can help you stand out.

Bespoke Brochure and Catalogue Printing Services

At Orchard Press, we work alongside our clients to create beautiful bespoke brochures and catalogues that show your products to perfection. With over 25 years of experience, our team has the knowledge and skill to provide specialist advice and guidance to ensure you receive the perfect print time after time. We go above and beyond to ensure every job is printed to your exact specifications with colours and images that really create an impact.

First Choice For Many

We have a wide range of clients across multiple industries, some of which include publishing, education and finance. Many of our clients have been with us for nearly 30 years and continue to choose Orchard Press as their first choice for printing due to the unbeatable quality of services and prints that they receive.

3-point Customer Guarantee

Our 3-point Customer Guarantee ensures:
Superior quality. We are passionate about providing superior-quality prints and strive to ensure every customer gets the highest quality of print at the best possible price.
Attention to detail. Our attention to detail is resolute. We will be fastidious at every stage of the job.
Satisfaction at every stage. Relationships are important to us and our full-service approach and support ensure a hassle-free experience for each and every customer.

Superior Quality

We don’t believe you should have to settle for anything less than the best quality. High-quality print can speak volumes about your brand, therefore, it’s important to make a good first impression. We provide high-definition 250lpi print as standard on all coated stock to provide our clients with a higher quality print for no additional cost. We have a wide range of options to suit every project including different paper sizes and weights, binding options, coatings and more.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our B1 printing services offer exceptional quality prints with very fast turnaround times. Receive your quote over the phone and let your dedicated account manager take care of the rest. Your dedicated account manager will keep you informed along the way and see your project from start to finish ensuring that you receive the most efficient, hassle-free experience and the highest quality print.

Orchard Rainbow

We recently decided to go one step further and trial our newest printing service – Orchard Rainbow. Orchard Rainbow is the very latest in colour technology and exclusive to Orchard Press. This groundbreaking new technology enhances images by using 7 colours including the 4 colour process, resulting in rich and luxurious colour for an impact that nobody can ignore.

If you are interested in brochure and catalogue printing for your business or would like more information regarding our Orchard Rainbow services, contact Orchard Press today on 01684 850960 or email us at sales@orchardpress.net



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