Orchard Rainbow – New & Exclusive

Orchard Rainbow allows your printed design the very best chance of maximum impact.

Even in this digital age a brochure, book or letter can still be more a powerful, persuasive and life-changing way to communicate than a cluster of pixels.

But technology is also print’s friend.

It’s enabled us to produce very high-quality print for customers, efficiently and economically. But now we’ve gone one step further, and are offering Orchard Rainbow – the very latest in colour technology – exclusively from Orchard in the UK. Orchard Rainbow enhances images by using 7 colours including the 4 colour process.

It has to be seen to be believed.

Vibrant, high impact and generated using our standard 250lpi –  images literally spring off the page and look more like RGBs, creating a printed page and visual impact that no-one can ignore.


This computer screen could never do it justice.

So call Aggie on 01684-850960 to see it for yourself in our new Orchard Rainbow Prospectus. 

 Request yours now here



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